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The best solar power bank in 2021


Lightweight and portable, the Blavor PN-W05 is a well-designed solar power bank. With an integrated compass and a lamp, it is very practical for hiking and outdoor trips.

The Blavor PN-W05 stands out thanks to its low weight and very compact size . Not cumbersome, it is all the more easy to transport. The device can withstand any splashes and raindrops, since it is made of waterproof material. The solar external battery is also accompanied by some accessories to ensure a better comfort of use.

However, one could regret its lack of power due to the small surface area of the solar panels. However, this small inconvenience will be compensated by the possibility of connecting the external solar battery Blavor PN-W05 to a mains socket. QI-certified technology ensures optimal charging comfort.

The best entry-level solar power bank

Forget about battery failure on your smartphones and tablets with the QTshine HX160S4. This 26,800 mAh solar power bank can charge all ordinary smartphones 5-6 times.

The QTshine HX160S4 external battery has a unique capacity of 26 800 mAh . It is largely powerful to charge a smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery five to six times. The number of charges possible is three times on an iPad Mini type tablet. With this accessory, you will never run out of battery again.

The QTshine HX160S4 also offers solar charging. When the Power bank is flat, use the solar panel to continue charging your smartphone. This option is useful when you go for a hike or when you find yourself in a place without a source of electricity. The QTshine HX160S4 connects to your smartphone via its two USB-C ports. With IC technology, do not worry about overload, over voltage, short circuit and over current.

The best high-end solar power bank

No matter what outdoor activities you indulge in, the Soluser I26S-Blue will live up to your expectations. This portable power bank offers smart and fast charging.

The Soluser I26S-Blue is an external solar battery with a power of 26,800 mAh. The device offers 2 USB 5V outputs, including 1 Type-C port, which allows you to charge 3 devices at the same time. To increase its robustness, the brand has not skimped on the quality of the materials to be used.

The Soluser I26S-Blue is made of PC + ABS material . Equipped with a robust and non-slip coating, this model of external battery is at the same time resistant to shocks and drops. Its greatest asset is its great compatibility with Android and Apple devices rechargeable via USB. In addition, it is equipped with 18 LED flashlights, an ideal feature to illuminate your roads during your night outings.

Extra long lasting

With a capacity of 30,000mAh, the Xiyihoo YD-818P Power Bank can charge your smartphone up to eight times. It has 2 USB outputs and a USB-C input.

The Xiyihoo YD-818P Solar Power Bank weighs only 455g and is barely larger than a regular smartphone. However, it has a capacity of 30,000 mAh which offers up to eight charges for an iPhone 8 . This high capacity also allows fast charging at 5 A on the first USB port. The second USB port offers 2.1 A charging. Of course, you can plug two devices into this backup battery at the same time even in solar charging mode.

A security system protects your smartphones and tablets from the risk of overloading. The Xiyihoo YD-818P adapts no less to harsh conditions thanks to its dustproof and shockproof shell. The solar power bank, incorporating a 1W monocrystalline solar panel, will follow you wherever you go.

The mid-range alternative

Equip yourself with the Djroll HDL-529 to make sure you always have a backup battery for your smartphones and touch pads. Note that it embeds QI wireless charging technology.

The Djroll HDL-529 is your best companion when traveling or when you go camping or hiking. Its battery with a capacity of 36,000 mAh will recharge your smartphones and touch pads several times. The solar charge option will also come to your rescue if your stay is prolonged and the external battery dies.

This solar power bank offers two USB ports, one of which is type C compatible with fast charging. A QI wireless charging option is available for compatible smartphones. Its ultra-resistant IP66 certified shell effectively resists splashing and dust. The device has an LED lamp to illuminate you. With all these options, the Djroll HDL-529 will be of great help to you when you go on an adventure in the great outdoors or far from a power source.

A high-end alternative

The Aikove A1801 charges up to four smartphones simultaneously with a fast wireless charging option. This solar power bank can even charge a laptop.

Thanks to its capacity of 30,000 mAh, the Aikove A1801 solar power bank is capable of simultaneously recharging 4 smartphones . This includes fast charging via USB Type C cable and QI wireless charging at 10W. This external battery is so powerful that you can use it to power your laptop. To give you an example, the device charges a 15-inch MacBook Pro to 100% in 2 hours and 30 minutes. A built-in protection system will prevent you from any risk of over-charging, short-circuits and over-discharging.

It takes about 10 hours to charge this external battery. When at 100%, it can charge your smartphones multiple times, which is very convenient if you are on the go. The Aikove A1801 will ensure that all your USB rechargeable electronic devices remain operational. It is important to specify that it is designed with ABS + PC giving it increased durability. Added to this is a silicone grip. All of this will protect your solar charger from external aggressions such as rain, dirt and shocks.