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External battery or rechargeable shell: which one to choose?


Applications related to new phones, especially smartphones and iPhones, are quite energy intensive. These added to the frequent use of social networks, games and videos require users to have a large reserve of energy to stay connected.

The solution to overcome the energy deficit of your mobile is the use of a reserve battery, choosing it as an external battery or a rechargeable shell requires a good knowledge of the use of the external battery and the rechargeable shell. Either offers advantages that can make it difficult for you to choose the right solution. A comparative approach of these two objects on the basis of criteria such as autonomy, practicality, longevity and design will allow you to better guide your choice.

The external battery

The external battery can be put in a pocket, and carried wherever you go as a simple phone accessory. It is still called a nomadic battery. It is a backup battery that solves the energy deficiency of your Smartphone. Its use just requires a micro USB port.

By connecting your phone to the external battery through the micro USB port. The latter takes the role of a phone battery charger, and your mobile starts charging directly. Its power varies depending on the model, so you will have batteries of 5000 mAh, 10,000 mAh, 20,000 mAh …

The rechargeable case

Also called battery case or powerbank pouch in a mobile phone, the rechargeable case is a case with an integrated battery . The latter protects the Smartphone in the event of a shock or fall, but its first function serves above all as an energy reserve linked to the base battery of your telephone. The operating principle of the battery case varies depending on the model. Thus, some battery cases are placed at the back of the mobile to supply energy to the base battery, others like some iPhone rechargeable cases have a connector to be connected to the laptop, this is the case of the Smartakus case. which is an iPhone battery case suitable for iPhone 6 / 6S / 7/8.

So, to keep within reach a solution for recharging the internal battery of the phone, two solutions are available to you: the external battery or the rechargeable shell. Here are some criteria to take into account to choose the right solution for you.

The practical aspect

The external battery performs the function of a telephone battery charger. It is as mobile and small as your cell phone. It can therefore be taken anywhere and slip into a bag or pocket. The only downside is that in this context you can forget about it, or leave without its USB connector. So do not hurry when traveling, be careful when leaving to think about taking it.

The rechargeable shell integrates into the laptop. As soon as you attach your cell phone to its battery case, there is no longer any separation.


Battery shell models range from 2800mAh to 10,000mAh, which can recharge the base battery two to three times. Thus, you have the whole day guaranteed for the availability of your mobile. The battery case ensures an effective extension of the autonomy of the laptop.

As for the external battery, the energy intensity also changes according to the references. This starts at 5,000mAh, and can exceed 25,000mAh. At this point, you get your phone charged one to five times.

Longevity, life expectancy

The lifespan of an external battery is quite considerable. If you take good care of it, it can keep you satisfied for a minimum of two years. The rechargeable case has a battery that lives as long as that of your mobile. The downside to the rechargeable case is that it is physically tied to its owner’s phone model.

So if you change models when buying a new smartphone, you have to make an additional expense for a new battery case. If your new mobile is an iPhone, also buy an iPhone battery case. If it’s a Samsung, you need to buy a Samsung battery case. In this context, the nomadic battery remains useful for all cell phone models.

However, if you use the phone’s battery well , you will have less and less use of the external charger, which will extend its lifespan even further.


Knowing that it is not always easy to combine the useful with the pleasant, the battery case focuses above all on use. The fact that it is physically attached to the mobile phone does not allow its designers to bet on the design.

External batteries compete with each other in design. They have several shapes associated with trendy colors. It is then common to see backup batteries with various shapes and emoticons . The female clientele appreciates these trendy shapes, but also the men who wish to personalize this object. There is no doubt that the external battery has become a telephone accessory which is included in fashion.

What to choose between external battery and battery case: what you need to remember

The orientation of your choice depends mainly on the order of priority that you assign to the purchase criteria mentioned above . The priorities of these criteria vary from one client to another, taking into account your present and future needs, but also your personal preferences. If you consider more autonomy, we recommend the external battery for a full recharge capacity of your laptop.

For convenience, the rechargeable shell is preferable, because as long as you have your phone with you, you cannot forget it unlike the back-up battery. In addition, it ensures the longevity of the laptop by absorbing the shock in the event of a fall. If you prefer the longevity of the back-up battery instead, you should purchase a portable battery (external battery) in order to maintain its usefulness regardless of the newly acquired phone model.

A strong interest in the design would be a bonus to move light, so it will be better to choose the external battery. Nothing prevents you from offering both if your budget allows it and thus benefit from their advantages.

For the purchase price at equal current (in mAh), the battery case is about 40% more expensive than a backup battery. So which one did you decide to choose?