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External batteries: the solution for a peaceful vacation


We are still in summer and many will have a good time going on vacation and relaxing a bit despite COVID 19 which is still present. The euphoria of the day can sometimes make you forget to charge your phone overnight.

The direct consequence is a completely dead phone and that can be very annoying if you are away from the house. A ready-made solution is to equip yourself with an external battery to simplify your life. Here is a selection of external batteries that will be very useful to you.

HETP External Battery Solar charger 26 800 mAh

This solar power bank is ideal for all types of phones and tablets. It has the smart IC protection which guarantees its longevity , but also protects your devices from overheating, overcurrent, short circuit.

This battery has strong anti-knock ability (about 1.2m drop test). With a formidable capacity of 26,800 mAh , it offers a very high quality of charge (6 times an iPhone XS or a Samsung Galaxy S20) and is therefore an extraordinary aid during your travels, long trips, hiking, etc.

You are sure to be safe in the event of unexpected power outages. What is fabulous about this solar battery is that it passes without worry during checks at the airport or in the subway.

Omars Mini Pro 10 000 mAh lightweight external battery

The Omars Mini Pro power bank has a capacity of 10,000mAh, enough to charge your iPhone X or Galaxy S20 twice . It is super light and slim for dimensions of 90 X 62 X 22 mm, so you can easily slip it into a pocket or a small purse.

With its one USB-C port and its 2 USB-A ports, you are able to charge 3 devices simultaneously. These different types of ports therefore allow great compatibility with different devices (iOS and Android) . It supports Apple 5V 2.4A, BC 1.2 and Samsung 5V 2.0A charging protocols, as well as recent devices from other manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo …

It can be considered as a pocket battery , its texture is in Li-Polymer according to the imposed safety standards, which ensures excellent protection against short-circuit, overcurrent, overheating and overvoltage.

Hyper Pearl 3000 mAh backup battery

The Hyper Pearl backup battery also called the Makeup Mirror Power Bank adopts the design of soft and natural lighting. With a super clear high definition mirror, you are able to see your face in all its details.

Gray and light in color, it will slip easily into your handbag. No need to carry a mirror in addition to an external battery since Hyper Pearl already combines these two functions. With its 3000 mAh capacity , you will have no trouble fully recharging your Android or iPhone smartphone, even other devices (Bluetooh speaker, wireless headphones, tablets, etc.).