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Best external battery (power bank) in 2021

For several years now, external batteries have been part of our daily lives. They are useful, often effective, and can save your money. So I thought it was a good idea to prepare a special best Power Bank top for you. A product to which we quickly become addicted.
Discover now the five best external batteries of the moment.


PS: We cannot analyze all the external batteries on the market, but we can help you find the ones with the best characteristics in our store:

  • Different types, sizes and capacities
  • Multiple USB ports
  • Lightning input for Apple users
  • Integrated micro USB or Lightning cable
  • Quick charge Quick charge 3.0
  • Qi wireless charging
  • USB type C

1. Omnicharge ultimate

I will start with heavy since the omnicharge ultimate has a capacity of 38400mA, which is huge in terms of power. The omnicharges ultimate has a small LCD display and a few buttons on the front in order to provide some cool features: first you can decide which power options you want to activate USB, that or both at the same time. Drums. The entire Power Bank is quite solid since the case is made from aluminum as well as a rubberized sheath.

All outlets have a rubber cap, this will protect your pores from dust or any water infiltration. You can also integrate batteries into the omnicharge ultimate and change them if necessary. To do this you have to remove the screws which will require a little bit of tinkering, but nothing too bad. If you are wondering why am I adding batteries? It’s a Power Bank, isn’t it?

Well, that could be useful if you need extra judges when you go on a trip for example. So always carry a few batteries with you better safe than sorry Overall this Power Bank is more than satisfactory, it has a hell of a base power housed in a strong and resistant case. He will clearly do it I’m sure.

Product not available.

2. Dell Hybrid

The DELL brand has also positioned itself in the Power Bank industry, much like all brands in reality. And it is the hybrid model that I will present to you right away.

And yes, there now: the Power bank already has a removable 45 watt sector used to charge the battery itself, but thanks to the fairly smart modular design of the USB c cable, it can also be used directly as chargers for computers portable .

The idea of the Dell brand here remains that the extra weight of the Power Bank does not bother users. Especially considering its capabilities. It’s compact, lightweight and can deliver a good amount of juice even if you’re used to the benefits of a larger Power Bank, don’t be fooled by appearances.

At the bottom of the battery are five small LEDs that indicate the remaining power. A button to display the LEDs and activate the battery as well as a single USB port with 10 watts of charging power . So you got it right, you can actually charge your phone while charging your laptop , the power of the Power Bank will be shared, but it will remain sufficient especially if you are traveling.

Besides everything I just showed you, the Dell Hybrid is also smart. You have an adapter available so you don’t have to carry all your cables when you’re on the go. Plus the compact design of the DELL Hybrid will allow you to store it anywhere, it will not take up too much space.

3. Lenovo

Another quite powerful external battery is designed by Lenovo brand. Here is yet another gem that will keep your devices alive. The Lenovo is compatible with Lenovo laptops of course as well as others. It offers a battery life of 48 watts or around 14,000 milliamps which is pretty good and a little above average. In any case, this external battery provides enough power to charge your devices including portable pcs. It has two additional built-in USB ports to power various connected devices simultaneously.

Then the Dell Hybrid is Perfectly Portable and is specially designed to fit most high-tech laptop cases or backpacks . This is a great external battery. Well, it is true that there are even better, but level quality-price ratio it is worth it free for you to see later.

4. Chargetech

If you are looking for a small external battery with other capacities the load will try perfect with its 54000 milliamperes. And yeah, you heard that right, so if you’re new to this brand, listen carefully to what’s to come. I’ll give you an idea.

The Chargetech provides enough power to charge your bedside lamps over several days, it can also charge your smartphone over 30 times and your laptop up to 5 times if not more. There you go, I’m done, thank you goodbye. No, just kidding you can also use it to power other small devices such as keyboard, Youtube camera , camera, drones… Ect. Basically any device that does not consume more than 250 watts. You see what I mean.

Its large capacity and convenient in many situations, you can leisurely work on your laptop in remote places far from a power outlet or power your wireless speaker at the beach and it has enough power to take care of it. ‘appliances of all kinds.

On the other hand, it is possible to charge the external battery using a wall outlet with the included adapter or via a solar panel which is not included. But the idea is practical. If you are traveling for long periods of time camping I recommend getting a portable solar panel, some prices are very affordable and it could save your life at least your devices.

Another interesting charging feature and the reserve switch when activated, it diverts the power from the AC outlets to the USB port, this ensures a power supply reserved for devices in critical condition, it is smart and ultra useful not need to do it manually, the Chargetech will do it for you.

Finally, there is just a small inconvenience , after I do not know if you can call it a disadvantage, but you can imagine that such an external battery with such powerful capacities will take more time during its personal charge, therefore if you do it from a wall outlet it would take about 7-8 hours so be strategic and do this overnight.

5. Omnicharge Omni 20: best Power Bank on the power side

With this last Power although we are going to return to the Omni brand what is its power? 20,100 milliamperes. I won’t hide from you that describing this product would take a long time, so I will be as concise as possible.

Already the omni pack has two USB C ports and two USB A type ports, it can produce 100 watts in total from these two USB ports simultaneously. You can also adjust the recharge parameters via an LCD display to configure a discharge not to go below 10% and charge up to 90% max . this helps to maximize the performance of the battery over its lifetime.

So basically you have control over the charge level. A battery, whatever it is, has recharging cycles in very precise quantities. This thus makes it possible to regulate the whole and not to kill the latter before the hour. Also the LCD screen displays a lot of information and it might lose you which is understandable. But if you manage several high-tech devices then you will undoubtedly appreciate having access to some important information. In addition, this type of screen has the ability to show you information that you could never see on other external batteries so you can take care of it.

In any case, I hope you liked this product, I find it fully effective with a wide range of possibilities.
That’s all for today, I hope you enjoyed it.