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10 tips to properly charge your phone battery


Phones these days are very busy, so it is necessary to know how to properly charge the battery of your cell phone in order to extend its life. If in the past they were only used to make calls, nowadays things have changed a lot. It is used for almost everything and for good reason: social networks, videos, games, online shopping …

To help you save money and protect your battery for as long as possible, here are 10 tips to help you use your phone charger better.

1- Use the right charger

It is not recommended to take any phone charger to charge its battery. Tell yourself that if the manufacturers accompany their charger model, it is because they have taken the time to do compatibility studies with your smartphone. Characteristics like voltage and amperage come into play in this area.

In order for your Samsung battery, for example, to charge correctly, be sure to respect these aspects if you need to change the charger. Avoid charging the phone with your computer . The amperage of the latter will not be compatible and this will quickly degrade the battery of the phone.

2- Recharge your phone during the day

Charging your phone properly also means avoiding heating the latter’s lithium battery. Indeed, if the battery is full, it could overheat and become a threat to the integrity of your smartphone over charge. Some flagships detect and cut off the electricity supply to avoid any problem, but others do not.

It is therefore advisable to recharge your phone during the day to have an eye on the charge and end it as soon as you notice that it is full. This tip also applies to your backup battery .

3- Respect the discharge limit

To properly charge the battery of your mobile phone, it is also important to respect its discharge limit. What exactly does this mean? Keep your battery from dropping below 5% .

Once this low limit is reached, you will stress your phone (yes, it is said) by recharging it. As with the continuous charging of the phone while the battery is full, this type of charging is therefore not recommended.

4- Copy the professionals

To properly charge the battery of your iPhone or any other smartphone, several experts recommend recharging it up to 80%. Then use it and wait for it to discharge to 30% and then recharge. This technique does not tire the battery, maintains the 500 normal charge cycles of the battery and triples its life.

5- Leave the phone idle while charging

If you are wondering how to charge your smartphone faster, be aware that it is not recommended to use it when it is charging. Even if the risks associated with the explosion of a battery are very low, you must still take care not to heat the battery unnecessarily during a recharge.

This is due to the fact that using the phone while charging causes an increase in temperature which can be detrimental to the various components of your smartphone.

6- Limit fast charging

Whether you have Qualcomm quick charge technology or the adaptive Fast Charging offered by Samsung, use them only if you are in a hurry. If on paper, these quick recharges are said to be smart, and are intended to prevent any overheating of the device, it is however advisable not to use them frequently. The same is true if you use an external battery, because in fact these technologies require much more the battery so that it is charged quickly.

7- Check the temperature of your battery

Before charging the battery smartphone, it is necessary to assure that its temperature is between 0 and 45 ° C . To prevent your phone from overheating, limit the use of apps that pump too much power and end up heating your phone.

In summer as in winter, be sure to protect your flagship from extreme temperatures before recharging. External batteries are also fragile, do not place them in the sun or on cold materials before charging them.

8- do a full cycle when needed

The only time a laptop battery goes through a full charge is when it is no longer serviceable. If the estimated battery charge time is less than the actual time obtained, it may mean that the gauge is out of adjustment.

To try to restore this gauge, do a full charge and discharge cycle. In the event that the autonomy of the phone is unusually exhausted, check the side of the applications that are greedy.

9- Charge your laptop to 40% before you no longer use it

If you want to keep your battery for a long time because you don’t want to use it anymore, it is important to meet certain criteria. Using your phone charger , charge your battery to 40%.

You will be able to keep your battery without using it for at least a year depending on the type of smartphone. Indeed, even when not in use, the battery loses energy. To prevent it from discharging completely, these 40% acquired will serve as a reserve and you can reuse it without it having any failure.

10- Respect the manufacturer’s instructions

Some brands give in their user manual the charging time that must be respected especially when charging your smartphone for the first time. It would therefore not be useless to find out how to properly charge your new phone.

As this initial battery voltage is important, you must apply the recommendations provided by the manufacturer. Many users don’t bother to look into this issue, which increases the chances of using an external battery during the day.