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10 tips to make your smartphone battery last


The use of features such as brightness, 5G, video games aims to weaken the battery of your smartphone . Surely you are fed up with not being able to dispose of your phone the way you want? Do you charge your device several times a day? Here’s how to make your phone’s battery last by adopting a few tips .

Why make your phone battery last?

Well, you can be in a situation where you don’t have access to electrical outlets. And if you don’t have an external battery handy, you will have to use tricks to limit energy loss and manage to make your phone battery last longer.

Better management of the internal battery is a good thing for the maintenance of the phone. It will wear out less quickly and since most smartphones today have non-removable batteries, you will be using your device for a long time. You will therefore not have to worry about a battery that charges more than 3 hours and that discharges before the end of the day.

1- The correct brightness adjustment

How to maintain your phone? First of all by finding out how to increase the life of a cell phone battery. Let’s take the point of brightness and its impact on the battery of a Samsung laptop:

When the brightness of your cell phone is not properly adjusted, you waste power unnecessarily and your phone drains faster. In reality, the most strongly regulated luminosities have the effect of pumping the battery enormously.

It is true that some phones have an option that allows automatic regulation of the brightness according to the environments. Thus, in strong light, the light is accentuated and in semi-darkness, it is softened.

Unfortunately, this automatic regulation can completely modify the screen which will take on a soft orange tint. If this is the case for your device, you will have to try to deactivate this function in the parameters. If not, just be sure to turn the lights down manually to conserve your battery.

2- The use of “dark” or “night” mode

The “dark” mode can be activated from the settings. It is an ideal option for the health of the eyes especially at night and a real trick to reduce the energy consumption by the screen. To activate it, go to Settings> Display> Night mode or Dark mode depending on the interface of your phone manufacturer.

This option is only available on Android 10 or iOS 13. In case you have an older version, there are apps on PlayStore and Apple Store.

3- Closing certain applications

It is important to limit the demands on the processor of your mobile phone. You probably don’t realize it, but any apps that remain active in the background are taking their toll on your battery.

Therefore, always take the precaution of closing them once you have stopped using them. Avoid opening a large number of applications at once. Limit their number to two or three and you will conserve battery life.

Also, be sure to avoid some options like the split screen option. It allows the simultaneous opening of two or more applications. When you use it, the processor of your smartphone is doubly stressed, which is very energy intensive . So do not use it.

4- Use of ringing mode

It seems easier to put your phone on vibrate. Indeed, by opting for this function, you certainly have the impression of preserving the battery of your device.

In fact, whenever your phone vibrates, it is drawing a heavy load on the smartphone’s processor. To avoid this, it is advisable to give preference to the ringing option . Otherwise, be sure to opt for silent mode. This is a much more economical option than the vibrator.

So be attentive and simply warn your loved ones by SMS when you are about to not be reachable and you have chosen to put the phone “on silent”. You’ll avoid worrying them and you’ll have a working battery when it comes time to make urgent phone calls.

5- Disabling various notifications

All apps that use connection-related settings are draining the battery. This is the case when you receive the various notifications from platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

It is therefore strongly recommended to deactivate all these notifications . In a more technical way, take care to reduce the amount of notifications when you make your downloads.

To be more serene, keep only the essential notifications. In this regard, you can let the ones that relate to your messages or emails work. Notifications relating to all your voicemail messages should also remain active to avoid misunderstandings and unpleasant situations.

6- Limitation of cellular data

If you plan to maintain the battery of your smartphone , also take care of the operation of the various cellular data of your phone.

Cellular data is made up of your GPS, Bluetooth, Wifi… They are designed to be in constant search of connection, which weakens the battery. You can unplug them as much as possible.

Don’t wait until you run out of battery to do this. Plan ahead and meticulously turn off all cellular data especially when you are not using it. And as always, be careful not to use two cellular data at the same time. Finish using one before putting the other into action.

7- Activation of the so-called airplane mode

Airplane mode is an option that has been installed in cell phones in order to suspend any network search . When enabled, all networks that are in operation are blocked.

This is why it is mandatory to activate this mode when you are traveling by plane. However, when you are outdoors, it is certain that you will not be able to benefit from a network present in the surroundings.

In order to save your battery, be sure to put this mode into action. You will stop your device in its attempts to search for a connection.

8- Thoroughly charge your phone

Some people mistakenly think that the phone should be recharged mainly when the battery is dead. This is a misconception.

Indeed, when you allow your lithium battery to reach its minimum level of charge, you expose it to risks of deterioration.

To avoid reaching such extremes, be conscientious and charge your phone when the internal battery announces less than 20% remaining power.

9- Using the energy saving mode

Smartphones have an option to save energy, it is easy to activate: ” energy saving mode “.

It is present in the shortcuts or in the parameters. Once you put this option into action, your device limits the range of apps that can be used.

Thus, you will only have the possibility of activating basic applications such as calls or messaging. If you want to improve the autonomy, activate this mode.

10- Limit video games

Some apps totally devour your phone’s power. This is the case for games that you download online or when you play directly over the internet.

If you want to preserve your battery life, close gaming apps that use a lot of power. Otherwise, be sure to use them only when you are near an electrical outlet or if you have a power bank handy.

11- The WIFI option

A final recommendation concerns the choice of connection mode. When you activate 4G to work on the Internet, your phone starts to search for a connection.

Therefore, whether this connection is present or not, it will tend to make the processor work. Then simply choose to activate WIFI. You will naturally benefit from the existing connections which will be picked up by the device. If it doesn’t exist, your device will sort of be idle.

Good to know: the life cycle of a phone battery

New batteries have cycles. These cycles correspond to the total discharge followed by the complete recharge of the battery. Most smartphones therefore benefit from 500 to 1000 cycles for recharging the battery before deteriorating.

In addition, you no longer need to consider the remaining battery capacity when recharging. In the past, when batteries were discharged, they would stop at a zero level for capacity. Typically this level was 25%. It was therefore necessary to wait until the phone reached this threshold to charge it again. Now, when you charge your device, at any time, it will act as if it is zero.

Finally, avoid allowing your battery to drop below the 15% remaining power threshold. At this level, there could be a reversal process that would degrade your battery.

To the question how to make your smartphone last? This article will have given you a summary of 10 tips that have been tested and approved by specialists and phone manufacturers. The battery life of a Samsung , iPhone, Huawei, Xiaomi smartphone is even easier to manage since they are sold with their original charger.

A good charger helps maintain the laptop battery better while charging. So be careful and choose authentic certified chargers. In fact, the condition of the battery is important in order to have a phone that performs to its full potential.

Put the advice in this article into practice and you will be pleased with the results you got with your cell phone battery .